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Daily Devotion
The Church Of Christ
Date: Monday, May 25, 2015 Chapters: Esther 6-10 Message Title: The Church Of Christ Hello My Friend, Right now someone has just bowed their head and asked Jesus Christ to save them, from that moment on they have been converted, not into a religion, but into a church. Not a church that contains four walls, chairs, an organ, or traditions. A church that is unseen to the eyes, but dwells in every converted soul, that church is none other than the Church of Christ. Now, every member of the church of Christ faces some difficulties in life, being saved doesn't mean our problems go away, it means God is there to help us get through them. It is our faith and trust in God through the difficulties that He shows Himself mighty. ‚ÄúBlessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.‚ÄĚ - James 1:12. The Book of Esther testifies to the secret watch and care that God has over His people no... (more)

Pierw¬≠szy Fe¬≠sti¬≠wal Fil¬≠mo¬≠wy w Rej¬≠kia¬≠wi¬≠ku od¬≠byl sie w 1978 roku, rok poz¬≠niej po¬≠wo¬≠la¬≠no Is¬≠landz¬≠ki Fun¬≠dusz Fil¬≠mo¬≠wy, kto¬≠ry wspol¬≠fi¬≠nan¬≠su¬≠je pro¬≠duk¬≠cje fil¬≠mow. Re¬≠zy¬≠se¬≠rzy nie mu¬≠sza juz za¬≠sta¬≠wiac do¬≠mow. W 1980 roku po¬≠wstal pierw¬≠szy w Is¬≠lan¬≠dii ma¬≠ga¬≠zyn po¬≠swie¬≠co¬≠ny kinu " ‚ÄěFilm¬≠bla¬≠'id‚ÄĚ. Dzie¬≠siec lat poz¬≠niej re¬≠zy¬≠ser Fri¬≠drik Thor Fri¬≠driks¬≠son za¬≠czal pra¬≠ce nad fil¬≠mem Dzie¬≠ci na¬≠tu¬≠ry. Film do¬≠staŇā 23 mińô¬≠dzy¬≠na¬≠ro¬≠do¬≠we na¬≠gro¬≠dy i no¬≠mi¬≠no¬≠wa¬≠ny byŇā do Osca¬≠ra. Jak wi¬≠dańá, ki¬≠ne¬≠ma¬≠to¬≠gra¬≠fia is¬≠landz¬≠ka za¬≠czńô¬≠Ňāa sińô roz¬≠wi¬≠jańá doŇõńá p√≥Ňļ¬≠no, ale szyb¬≠ko do¬≠go¬≠ni¬≠Ňāa Eu¬≠ro¬≠pńô i Ňõwiat. DziŇõ, w zwińÖz¬≠ku z kry¬≠zy¬≠sem, musi za¬≠ci¬≠snńÖńá pasa. Is¬≠landz¬≠ki Fun¬≠dusz Fil¬≠mo¬≠wy ma bu¬≠dŇľet zmniej¬≠szo¬≠ny o 35 pro¬≠cent. W opi¬≠nii fa¬≠chow¬≠c√≥w spe¬≠cy¬≠fi¬≠ka kina is¬≠landz¬≠kie¬≠go po¬≠kry¬≠wa sińô z wy¬≠ma¬≠ga¬≠nia¬≠mi... (more)

its like you dont want to draw attention
but when people ask what is up you just want to reply 'oh nothing much just contemplating living an all' you know its hard to fake the smile for so long but you have those moments the laughing at the tv shows but tjem the show is over and youre forced back to reality where you have debts to pay and will never make enough to live in my fantasy i wish there was a magic button that i could press everytime i feel bad but if wishes were pennies id be rich

Beverly A. Hines
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Truth in Love
Where Is John Kerry Now?
Link: www.about.me/gideonsword Whatever Happened to John Kerry Author: Daniel Greenfield Source: the Sultan Knish blog - 05.20.2015 John Kerry returns from his latest Russian visit bearing two baskets of potatoes and a t-shirt. The t-shirt, given to him by Foreign Minister Lavrov, might as well say, ‚ÄúI wasted my time in Russia and all I got was this shirt.‚ÄĚ It‚Äôs a diplomatic success only in relation to Kerry‚Äôs previous humiliations such as the time that Russia‚Äôs adeptly slimy foreign minister kept him waiting for a week before returning his call while the State Department spokeswoman announced to the world that Kerry was ‚Äúready to talk whenever Foreign Minister Lavrov can find the time.‚ÄĚ The Putin regime enjoys humiliating the United States, but even it seems to have tired of degrading Kerry who ruins their fun by failing to realize what is going on. Instead Kerry has become a nonentity; a forgotten... (more)

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